An Owl Named "Flaco" Escaped A NYC Zoo 8 Months Ago And Has Been Living Freely In The City Ever Since

I have a nice little story for you...

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Back in February, over eight months ago, a little Eurasian owl named Flaco escaped his Central Park Zoo pen after vandals damaged his enclosure.

owl on a tree
Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images

Zookeepers tried to catch him with nets and traps, but that didn't work.

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The NYPD was no match for him.

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And evcentually, the zoo gave up on trying to get Flaco.

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Flaco was a free bird.

owl in the tree with a squirrel approaching
Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images

And it seemed like Flaco enjoyed his new found freedom.

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For months, Flaco lived in Central Park, surviving on a plentiful supply of rats.

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He gained quite the fan base known as "Flacoholics."

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Things seemed to be going great for them!

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Then, almost suddenly, at the end of October, Flaco disappeared.

flaco in the tree with his beak open
Sheryl Checkman / Getty Images/500px

People wondered where he went?

worried about this fella as he hasn't been seen since halloween he's disappeared before but not for this long

A week later, he showed up again.

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Flaco was spotted a few miles down the road in the East Village and Lower East Side.

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He seemed well!

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He was spotted having a stare-off with some man on a balcony.

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The Manhattan Bird Alert account said he looks healthy and strong.

Twitter: @BirdCentralPark

They also said they think he left Central Park because he is on the lookout for a mate.

Twitter: @BirdCentralPark

Flaco's journey continues a bit downtown.

  Sheryl Checkman / Getty Images/500px
Sheryl Checkman / Getty Images/500px

As this person said, "Keep enjoying those freedom views, Flaco."

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