Overloading on junk food? It might be your partner's fault

We all like to blame somebody - anybody - for our bad eating habits.

Whether it’s our friend’s over-the-top taste for breakfast joints, the never-ending snacks in the office or our partner’s takeaway habit, it’s never nice to realise that maybe you just have three sweet teeth instead of one.

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However a new study has revealed that your love affair wtih jnk food might actually all be dependent on this one thing about your partner.

It turns out your partner might have something to do with your eating habits. Photo: Getty Images
It turns out your partner might have something to do with your eating habits. Photo: Getty Images
Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

According to researchers from Florida State University, if you think you are more attractive then your partner, you’ll be more likely to eat whatever you want.

Although if you’re under the impression that your other half is better looking than you, it will make you strive to diet and go to the gym.

Researchers surveyed 113 couples who had been married for four months or less and rated them on how attractive they were on a scale of one to ten.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Each candidate filled out a questionnaire relating to how likely they are to diet and work out and these results were then compared to how good looking they were rated.

The results found that women who had very attractive husbands were more likely to want to eat healthy and hit up the gym regularly.

On the flip side, men weren’t really affected by how attractive their wives were and had an all-round low motivation to diet.

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