The outrageous ways Aussies are driving dangerously

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

We’re all guilty of jumping in the car on a desperate MacDonald’s run – but how many of us are guilty of refusing to wait to tuck into that delicious hamburger on the drive home?

A lot of us, as it turns out.

Eating while driving is just one thing drivers admit to doing in the new Safe Driving Report. Photo: Getty have just released their Safe Driving Report 2018, revealing the dangerous measures drivers get up to while behind the wheel.

The report found that 10.9 million people admit to dangerous driving, with a whopping 38 percent of us eating takeaway whilst driving.

Women are more likely to get stuck into their meal, with 41 percent of ladies compared to 36 percent of men eating on the drive home.

We’re also more likely to wear thongs behind the wheel with 34 percent of us shunning appropriate driving footwear, compared with 28 percent of men.

While it’s not illegal to eat while driving, you might be charged with dangerous or negligent driving  if an accident occurs because you were distracted by your takeaway.

That’s not the only hazardous behaviour Aussie drivers engage in.

We all know not to check our phones behind the wheel – but 20 percent of us admit to texting while driving. Photo: Getty

One in four drivers admit to using a phone while behind the wheel, while more worryingly, one in 10 people have driven using their knees.

Shockingly, five percent of drivers claim they’ve had a microsleep during their drive.


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