Outrageous $10 airport breakfast infuriates the internet

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

We all know that heading to the airport means paying ridiculously inflated prices for food, but one traveller has incited global outrage after sharing a photo of his sad looking breakfast.

Sharing the photo to Reddit, user M1BG revealed they had forked out over $10 for his order of toast with poached eggs, only to be presented with something severely lacking while travelling in London.

Would you be happy with this $10 breakfast?

“Tbh I was hoping a little more effort would have gone into my £5.70 [$10.20] eggs on toast breakfast from Friska at Luton Airport,” they captioned the snap.

While expectations are often pretty low on airport food, getting one piece of buttered toast cut in half alongside three overly poached eggs thrown into a box – and not even on the toast – saw Redditors express their rage.

“A pile of utter bollocks,” wrote one.

“Eggs near dried bread. Not sure it qualifies as toast,” added another.

“Seriously that is appalling and I hope you complained,” commented one Redditor.

According to reports, the café in question is attempting to make amends for the terrible breakky.

“We’ve seen the thread and this is far below our usual standards at Friska,” the Daily Mail reports a spokesperson saying.

“We’re trying to get in touch with the customer to apologise directly for this and also with the franchise team who run our Luton airport store.”

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