Outrage over tattooed horse

Bianca Soldani

Benjamin Lloyd spends his free time brightening the spirits of sick kids by giving them extremely life-like airbrushed tattoos.

The grins on their faces as they inspect their new ink says everything, and while that work has only been met with praise and positive feedback (and rightfully so), the New Zealand artist found himself ruffling a few feathers when he did the same thing to a horse.

He shared these pictures on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

It was back in November last year, and Benjamin used his incredible skill to paint a skull on the neck, side and leg of a beautiful white horse.

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From the photos he posted – which were captioned “I love boosting a horse’s confidence with a custom tattoo” - the animal itself looks pretty chilled and even appears to be sleepily closing its eyes.

However, some of the 3K people who commented below started crying animal cruelty.

While many people loved it, some were dubious. Photo: Facebook

“Yeah it is abuse that poor horse can't say don't do that so yes you or forcing that horse to do something that he doesn't want done to him,” one person wrote.

“Why can you not leave a horse the Natural Way” another said, “I do not understand why people think they need to do this to an animal rather it's airbrushed or not leave their coats alone.... Really!!”

“I'm sure the paint is really not that good for them.. go find a helmet or a wall or a car door and do your work on that... Leave nature alone....”

Not everyone agreed. Photo: Facebook

Others rushed to Benjamin’s defence, with the majority of commenters loving the post and sharing it over 38K times.

One person even shared a photo of their own white horse, telling the artist she had another “blank canvas” for him.

So what do you think?

He also gives kids airbrushed
These youngsters got a full sleeve. Photo: Facebook

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