Outrage after woman defends singing along during show

A Mumsnet user is facing backlash after defending her mother’s decision to sing along during a West End musical.

Sharing her story on the Mumsnet AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable) thread, the user told how she had gone to a musical with her parents and sister to celebrate a birthday.

People at a musical weren't impressed with a woman sang along for the whole show. Photo: Getty Images

The family occasion was “spoilt” after her mother was told off for singing during the performance.

“After about 20 mins in. A catchy song came on. It was Tina Turner. My mum sang along for a couple of times during the chorus,” the user narrated.

A woman in front of them wasn’t impressed – and asked her mother to be quiet. A scene ensued, with the mother confronting the woman during the interval, telling her “How dare you tell me how to behave”.

The woman later made a complaint to the theatre manager about the woman – and the party subsequently left the theatre “after a scene”, without seeing the second half of the musical.

The incident “spoilt our mums birthday”, wrote the original poster. In a further post, she called the woman who had complained a “misery guts”.

But Mumsnet users were less than sympathetic.

“She isn’t a misery guts, she simply didn’t want to be distracted from the show she paid to see by your mum’s singing! Your mum was obviously singing loud enough for her to hear her, otherwise she wouldn’t have said anything!”, read one response.

Another person said: “I would be mortified if my mum did this. No way would I let her sing and ruin everyone else's experience - how selfish and rude!”

“Shocking behaviour,” said a third comment.

An altercation happened and the family left the auditorium. Photo: Getty Images

Some users offered more sympathetic responses, but still did not condone the original poster’s singing.

One comment read: ”It’s a shame your mum was upset by it but I think you have to also see it from the other woman’s point of view. If your mum was loud enough that she could be heard over the performers, she was too loud.

“I feel sorry for your Mum TBH.But I must say I think the lady who complained was in the right really.It is difficult to resist the urge to join in but not all of us have great voices sadly. Maybe just take her to a play next time !(But no talking of course!),” offered another user.

The general consensus was that the only time anyone should sing during a musical is the encore at the end.

“Last encore sing along, yes. All through the musical, no way!!,” read another comment.

Words by Francesca Specter

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