Outrage as mum charges people to attend her baby shower

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A mum has faced major backlash online after charging her friends to attend her baby shower.

The mum’s friend took to parenting forum Mumsnet to reveal that she couldn’t believe it when she realised she had to pay to attend the party.

“My friend is having a baby shower. She’s one of my best friends so there’s no real choice but to attend,” she said on the site.

“Not keen on going at all, but I’ll go for her.

A mum has been slammed online for charging her friends to attend her baby shower. Photo: Getty Images

“She’s organised it to be in a function room of a social club.

“She’s pleased because she’ll only have to charge $28 (£15) per head.

“I thought she meant that’s all she’d have to pay, but no, that’s what she’s charging the guests to attend to cover the costs.”

The mum went on to ask others if they also thought it was ‘ridiculous’ what was happening or if she was overreacting.

“That is ridiculous and totally unnecessary,” one person said.

People couldn’t believe the mum also wanted presents. Photo: Getty Images

Another person agreed, saying: “I’d be pissed off, but if it was a good friend I would go and just suck it up.”

“She’s organising her own baby shower and charging an entry fee? Nah, f*** that,” a commenter said.

However, others didn’t see a problem with the mum charging for the day, with one person claiming that if they went out for morning tea they would have to pay a lot more than that.

“If she was a good friend I’d probably justify it to myself by saying I’d spend more if we all went out,” one person said.

Another person said: “Unfortunately you’ll just have to suck it up and pay since she’s a good friend. Hopefully it’ll be a fun time.”

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