Restaurant shames no-show by posting personal info

Allison Yee

Sometimes the best-laid restaurant reservations don’t quite go to plan and you have to cancel at the last minute, or you have a complete brain meltdown and forget they've been made in the first place.

The last thing you’d expect is the restaurant to publicly name and shame you – including your personal details – which is what happened for Emily Quinlan when she missed a reservation at Cardiff restaurant, Bully’s.

Frustrated manager Russell Bullimore took aim at Emily after she was a no-show for a dinner reservation last week, posting a screenshot of her booking – including her name, email and phone number – to Twitter.

Emily was left fuming after a missed reservation saw her private details all over the internet. Photo: Twitter/EmileeQuinlan

Outraged Emily soon hit back, slamming Bully’s for revealing her private information.

“I’ve had an emergency that I’ve had to attend to and phoning to cancel my booking was the least of my concerns,” Emily tweeted back. “I will be passing this on to the Information Commissioner’s office.”

In a now-deleted Tweet, the restaurant called out Emily's no-show. Photo: Twitter/bullyscardiff

The restaurant’s tweet hit a nerve with the Twitterverse, with many expressing their outrage at the public naming and shaming

The restaurant later took the tweet down, and issued an apology – with Russell admitting his frustration over no-shows got the better of him.

"You take bookings and try and call them back and sometimes you get them and sometimes you don't," he told Wales Online.

"I lose about 12 people a week who book, and it's about £40 [$73] per person. In a year it can add up to £50,000 [$90,000]."

It's little consolation for Emily, who is still fuming at her breach of privacy.

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