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Cate in the press room following her Oscars win. Credit: Getty Images
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Yes, this is going to be a contentious statement, but, we've got to admit, if anyone is going to know the best time to drop an F-bomb for emphasis, that person would be Cate Blanchett.

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The Aussie darling, fresh from winning the Best Actress Oscar for her role in 'Blue Jasmine,' was being corralled into a Q and A in the press room following her big win.

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Oops. Did I say that? Cate blushes following her Oscar win. Credit: Getty Images

Fielding questions from journalists, one Aussie reporter had a poignant question for Our Cate.

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"You are the first Australian actor or actress ever to win two Oscars…" the journalist began, before Cate jumped in, quipping: "And don't you f**king forget it!"

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As the room burst into laughter, he continued, "And [I] ask you, what are your hopes in terms of continuing to challenge yourself in acting?"

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"Maybe it's time to stop," Cate joked. "Look it's roles like this don't come along very often... It was a real synthesis for me of the long, deep connection I've had with the theatre and the kind of often intangible connection I've had to film. And I thank Woody Allen and the script he wrote for providing the forum to make that synthesis happen.