Oreo Teases Glow-in-the-Dark Snack Packs Perfect for Halloween

Halloween might appear to be a long way away to those who are enjoying the summer heat in early July, but the brands behind customers’ favorite spooky season treats know that October 31 will be here before they know it.

So far this summer, Kit Kat, Reese’s and Brach’s have joined the handful of candy brands already hinting at the new fall treats they’ll have available for customers once temperatures drop. Now Oreo is getting in on the fun with special new cookie snack packs that fans are already excited to try out.

According to a preview shared on Instagram by food blogger Markie Devo, Oreo is preparing to release Oreo Glow Trick or Treat glow-in-the-dark snack packs. Despite some fan confusion on social media, the cookies themselves won’t glow in the dark—only the packaging will.

A description of the forthcoming snack packs provided by the food blogger clarified that each individual snack pack will include two Oreo cookies. The packaging will feature glow-in-the-dark ink to help the snack packs stand out in the dark.

The new snack packs were not available for purchase at the time Devo posted their preview on Saturday, July 6, but the food blogger said the treats will “soon” land nationwide in stores that do sell Oreo products.

Most of the Instagram users who commented on the post appeared eager to find the snack packs once they are available, with one person writing, “Yes finally.”

“Halloween is my absolute favorite for snacks/candy! so excited for all the newbies this year!! 🎃👻,” one Instagram user wrote.

“I’m gonna hold you to this come October brotha 😂,” one fan wrote as another admitted, “At first I thought the actual OREOS glowed.”

The glow-in-the-dark snack pack preview also generated mild debate about whether it was too early to begin thinking about Halloween treats.

“It’s July, It’s WAY too early to do this stuff. (to me at least),” one person said while another countered their comment, writing, “It’s summerween. Never too early.”

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