How To Order A Roasted Chestnut Macchiato At Starbucks

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starbucks holiday cups - Starbucks

The warm, inviting aroma of roasted chestnuts is closely linked to December and Christmas for many. This flavorful treat holds not only deliciousness but chestnuts also have deep symbolic meaning. If you want to kickstart your day with a festive cheer, breeze by Starbucks and order a Roasted Chestnut Macchiato! This drink, part of Starbucks' renowned secret menu, isn't on the regular display. You'll need to know what to ask for. Luckily, the recipe is straightforward.

The original recipe starts with a Starbucks Hazelnut Macchiato as the base, but, unfortunately, that drink has been discontinued. So, instead, ask for an Espresso Macchiato with 3 to 4 pumps of vanilla syrup and hazelnut drizzle mixed in. This will serve as the base. Next, if you're ordering a tall drink, ask the barista for 1 pump of toffee nut syrup. For larger sizes, add half a pump more for each step up (1.5 pumps for a grande and 2 for venti). Then, you can boost the nutty essence with an extra pump of hazelnut syrup. The proportion is the same as the toffee nut syrup.

These syrups together should now create a buttery, toasty flavor that takes after roasted chestnuts very well. Next, add white mocha syrup for a creamy finish. Use half a pump for tall and grande sizes and 1 pump for a venti. Finish the drink with a dollop of spiced whipped cream and caramel drizzle. This not only enhances the drink's texture and flavor but it also complements the festive theme beautifully!

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Ways To Take Your Roasted Chestnut Macchiato Further

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There's more where that came from, though. After trying out the Roasted Chestnut Macchiato and declaring it your favorite new drink of the 2023 Starbucks holiday season, why not take it up a notch? There are more than a few exciting ways for you to personalize the drink and make each cup a totally fresh experience.

If you're craving a strong caffeine kick, consider adding an extra shot of one of Starbucks' espressos. Our improvised Hazelnut Macchiato base already has two espresso shots in it, but adding one more won't hurt. In fact, it will enhance the drink by balancing the sweetness and bringing out the subtle bitterness of the syrups. Speaking of sweetness, if the syrups are a bit too much sugar for one cup, you can halve the amount of toffee nut and white mocha syrups.

This will dial down the sugar (and the calories) and allow the rich espresso and nutty flavors to shine. Lastly, for an Instagram-worthy touch, ask for a sprinkle of chestnut praline topping on your whipped cream. This seasonal topping not only adds a delightful crunch to your drink but also takes the "roasted chestnut" theme to a whole new level!

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