OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: The ‘golden age’ of cancer research AI technology


The Research Information Team Lead at Cancer Research UK has told Tech & Science Daily we are currently in a “golden age” of cancer research.

Sam Godfrey discusses the use of new technology to speed up and improve both treatments and the diagnosis of cancers.

He highlighted use of the ‘iKnife’ which can ‘sniff’ out tumours, a breath test which can detect lung cancer, and how artificial intelligence is being used to save doctors’ time.

Apple is being investigated in France for practices that may amount to planned obsolescence in iPhones; the practice of making a product obsolete through software or hardware changes.

Quentin Ghesquière, the president of campaign group Stop Planned Obsolescence tells Tech & Science Daily why they issued a complaint against the tech giant.

TikTok is set to be banned from the state of Montana in the US.

It’s the first ban of its kind in the United States, and means mobile app stores will need to make the app unavailable for Montana residents.

Scientists say the discovery and use of fire by early humans in Europe actually began 50,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Experts from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh found evidence of things being burnt organised in a pattern, suggesting humans were using the fire to cook food, or protect themselves, around 250,000 years ago.

And the rest

Experts say teenagers with obesity should be offered weight loss drug semaglutide, plastic-eating fungi discovered in China, and the first-ever full-sized digital replica of the Titanic created using deep sea scans.

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