OPINION - Japan releases radioactive Fukushima water into ocean: Tech and Science Daily podcast

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Japan has started releasing radioactive water from Fukushima into the ocean - 12 years after an earthquake and tsunami destroyed the nuclear power plant.

The water’s been treated and Japan says one main radioactive isotope called tritium can't be removed from the water so it’s been diluted.

The plan was approved by the Japanese government two years ago and given the go-ahead by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which also concluded that the impact it would have on people and the environment was “negligible”.

The CEO of Tumblr, Matt Mullenweg, tells Tech & Science Daily he wants to make the platform amazing.

Matt, who co-founded Wordpress in 2003, became Tumblr CEO last year, and has revealed he’s making the platform open-source.

Details of Playstation’s newest handheld console have been released and there’s mixed reviews from tech fans.

The Playstation Portal comes with an eight-inch LCD screen and lets you stream games directly from the PS5.

Tech reviewers have praised the screen quality and controller feel and haptics, but Youtuber Marques Brownlee has criticised the Portal for not having bluetooth.

Video game technology has helped a woman speak again, after she was left paralysed from a stroke.

Edinburgh-based Speech Graphics, and American researchers at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley used electrodes to identify brain signals associated with speech, then trained an AI model to recognise the brain activity associated with a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words.

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