OPINION - What will come of the Russia-North Korea talks?: The Leader podcast


Vladimir Putin has met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, a satellite launch facility in Russia's far east, for talks on, in Putin’s words, ‘all topics’.

However, it is reported that these talks focused on two main topics: how Russia can secure arms from North Korea for its continued attacks on Ukraine, and how North Korea can secure better satellite technology from Russia.

Pyongyang and Moscow have both denied such a deal would be made, but the summit has been watched closely by Washington, London and other allies.

The Evening Standard’s Defence Editor Robert Fox tells The Leader podcast that Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Kim Jong Un was ‘marriage driven by necessity’ rather than romance.

In this episode, Robert describes the significance of these talks, and considers how they might impact the war in Ukraine, international tensions, and even elections in the UK and US.

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