'I never thought I would be the nagging wife': Mum opens up to husband in touching letter

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A mum-of-four, author and blogger has opened up to her husband in a raw letter, reminiscing about what their relationship once was.

Jessica Hood, who goes by houseofhoods_ on Instagram shared the touching note with her 53,000 followers online, alongside a black and white photo of her and her beloved husband.

In it, she talks of the days before they were parents, becoming the ‘nagging’ wife and her hopes that they can “stick together and see this out”.

Jessica Hood posted a touching letter to Instagram about her relationship with her husband. Photo: Instagram/houseofhoods_

Read Jessica’s letter below:

“I miss us.

Remember when it was just you and me.

Before the endless bills, long work hours and the kids.

It’s hard for me sometimes to look at you and not cry. I never thought we would be that couple. I never thought I would be that women. Somedays it’s like we are just room mates who occasionally have sex.

We barely talk and when we do it’s about overdue electricity bills, it’s me usually nagging you to do something, it’s usually us talking about the children.

It’s funny, I still get excited when you walk through the door even if you’re not smiling.

I ask you the same questions when you get in, how was work? What did you do ? And you just shrug your shoulders. Is this actually us? The thing I thought we would never become.

Some days I feel like I tricked you. Eight years ago you got this beautiful, vibrant, skinny and fun girl and now you get frumpy fat, grumpy, sad and miserable Jess. 

We have so many kids we don’t get date nights anymore. The last time we went on a date was 2017. Our date nights are now two hours together watching a repeat of a movie we have already seen. We both watch it while on our phones and then we sneak in some very rushed sex with our clothes on because I never want you to see me naked. 

I love you but i love who we use to be. You don’t get the best of me anymore and I’m sorry you deserve more than that.

I never thought I would be the nagging wife, the wife who wears the same clothes three days in a row, the one without any makeup on or dress sense, the one that yells more than talks.

Maybe it’s me, maybe I’ve changed so much I changed us. 

I worry some days you stick around for our children, I don’t even know how you can love someone so grouchy and uptight. 

All I know is that I really love you and I always will.

I also love our kids.

But we really need to find each other again. Our passion, the thing that brought us to each other. The reason why we decided to create four beautiful creatures together.

I hope in 30 years time we can sit back together and reminisce about the harder times, the endless debt and long hours trying to settle the children. I hope we can stick together and see this out. Even through the hard times.

I know what we are capable of and I know we can move mountains together.

I love you and no relationship is perfect.

Let’s keep trying.

I’ll never give up on you.

On us.”

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