OnlyFans creator slams MAFS stars on the platform: 'Cash grab'

OnlyFans creator Cherry The Mistress has hit out at MAFS stars using their fame to make a fortune on the X-rated website.

Video transcript

CHERRY THE MISTRESS: "Married at First Sight," yes, I've heard of people from that show joining OnlyFans. And I've heard of people from like "The Bachelorette," which is the show that's really popular in the United States, join OnlyFans. And a lot of other shows or even just like other celebrities.

And honestly, like it feels like kind of like a slap in the face sometimes because they already have hundreds of thousands of followers if not millions. And so I feel like it's such an easy cash grab for them. Because they can join the site, boom, make like $10,000 in a day. Whereas like smaller creators that, you know, aren't like celebrities, it definitely takes us a lot more time and effort to like build our presence online. So it's definitely like way harder for us.

And I don't know, it's just kind of upsetting seeing celebrities do that. Because I've heard of, what's her name, Bella Thorne, she joined OnlyFans. And I guess that was like a whole scandal and made a lot of people upset because she would charge like $200 and be like unlock my like nude pictures and then guys will unlock and then there wouldn't be nude pictures. It'd just be like bikini pics and stuff. And I feel like that kind of adds like a negative connotation because then other guys, I don't know, have low expectations for like other sex workers. And yeah, I'm not a big fan of it.

So before OnlyFans, I worked at a coffee shop. I probably shouldn't share the name because I don't want them to like sue me. But yeah, I used to work at this coffee shop and I was also in college at the time. And I don't know, it was really hard for me to struggle or to balance the two.

And I also wasn't really earning a lot from the coffee shop. I think I was making like just under like $2,000 to like pay for all of my bills and everything. But compared to now, I can make anywhere between $15,000 to just like over $20,000 in a month.

Honestly, when I heard about it, it was like in the beginning of the pandemic and I heard a lot of people were doing it and a lot of people were making like crazy amounts of money. And I was like, you know what, I'm kind of struggling financially, so I-- you know, why not give this a shot? Why not see if this could work for me?

For being a hairy creator, definitely, I have gotten so many hate comments. A lot of them can range from, you know, you're disgusting, you're gross, you need to shave, you know, I'll buy you a razor. A lot of people online told me they'll buy me razors. I've been called like Sasquatch, just every name in the book. And I've been told like, you'll never find like a boyfriend and you'll like die alone and all this stuff. So I've been told a lot for like years.

When I became a hairy creator, it was a month after I started my OnlyFans. And it really like-- it just kind of happened randomly I guess. Like I didn't think like, oh, maybe the hair will make me more money. Like I didn't think like that at all, I just-- it was just a personal decision that I wanted to do because I thought shaving was really not necessary and I feel like it's such a double standard that women are expected to shave whereas like men aren't. And it ended up like working out where being hairy was like something that a lot of guys liked.

I want to normalize, you know, having body hair as like a feminine presenting person. And I've had a lot of people like comment on my TikTok videos saying like, I'm a woman and you've inspired me to not shave anymore and I love how confident that you seem, and I feel confident now that I don't shave. And seeing that definitely makes me really happy. And I think that's like a cool part of what I do too.