Online shopping prices set to rise

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If you’ve been relying on online shopping to get your hands on your favourite international brands for cheaper prices, you may have some adjusting to do.

Local importers are now reaching agreements with international brands in an effort to protect domestic retail shopping. The agreements will result in international brands no longer selling their clothes to Australians on overseas websites or lifting their web prices to Australian consumers.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, shoppers will no longer be able to save up to 50 per cent by buying labels from overseas.

Importers who are working on these agreements are citing the $1000 GST-free threshold as one of the main factors driving them towards this strategy.

The International Fashion Group, which represents brands True Religion, Paige Denim, DOMA Leather, Fine Collection and Da-Nang, have been working on their own agreements. Last month it was decided that Paige Denim and AG Adriano Goldschmied would no longer be sold on major international online stores such as Shopbop and Revolve. True Religion will still be sold, but at higher prices.

The agreements are an effort to stop the flow of Australian sales going offshore. Brands who have long relationships with retailers who have supported them are agreeing to these terms.

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According to The Age, at least half a dozen fashion distributors have reached agreements or are negotiating to set prices or limit supply to Australia.

Another confirmed agreement means Asos will no longer be selling the Swedish brand Dr Denim to Australian shoppers. Alongside these changes there has been a rise in companies overseas that are forwarding items to Australia for a fee to counter retailers that are blocking access to US websites.

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