The one word Barbie wants young girls to stop saying

Kristine Tarbert
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Barbie has shared a powerful message and urged girls to stop saying one simple word that you are probably guilty of saying way more than you even realised.

In a vlog episode on Youtube, Mattel’s Barbie set a challenge for everyone to stop using the word ‘sorry’, especially if they didn’t really mean it.

Titled the ‘Sorry Reflex’ the video sees Barbie – sitting in her pink bedroom – pointing out how often everyone, especially young girls and women, say they are ‘sorry’ when there is actually no need to apologise.

“We say it a lot… like, A LOT,” Barbie says in the vlog.

“Like it’s a reflex, and that somehow everything that goes wrong is our fault.”

Barbie wants girls to stop saying ‘sorry’. Photo: Youtube

She acts out examples where girls might say ‘sorry’ when someone bumps into them, or if something is wrong with their food at a restaurant and they have to call the server.

“We get excited and exuberant about something… then we instantly say ‘sorry’,” she says, hanging her head. “Like we’re afraid of being too ‘big.’”

She even points out that we often say ‘sorry’ when we’re sad or feeling down, like we don’t want the other person to be impacted by our own feelings.

She does stress that it is always important to “be kind and thoughtful and polite, and to offer a sincere apology if we have done something wrong.”

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But she insists that saying ‘sorry’ when it’s not appropriate is a “learned reflex” that “hurts our self confidence”, before challenging us to try and not say the word ‘sorry’ for an entire day.

If you get through that – and it’s actually more difficult than you might realise – try and replace ‘sorry’ with ‘thank you’.

For example: “Thank you for being understanding of my feelings”.

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Barbie’s fans were quick to thank her for her advice.

“I think you are right, this video help me too much,” one person admitted.

I’m 22 years old. Barbie is still the most insightful YouTuber I’ve found. Thanks for looking out for young women everywhere,” another person commented.

Oh my I didn’t even realise I say sorry at everything like that,” was another comment.

I’m gonna cry. Thank you for teaching this to both little girls and grown women,” a woman wrote.

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