The one Paradise star banned from Sam and Tara's wedding

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Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic can’t wait to start planning their wedding after keeping their engagement a secret for nearly six months.

But while the couple prepare for their “beautiful” big day, Sam has revealed there is one person who definitely won’t be getting an invite.

“Daniel from Canada won’t be at the wedding, I’ll tell you that,” he told Be exclusively.

Sam and Tara recently got engaged after finding love on Bachelor in Paradise, but there’s one co-star who won’t be scoring an invite to their wedding. Source: Ten

Sam admitted he didn’t like the way the international intruder treated any of the ladies whilst filming.

“He was quite arrogant in his comments and very un-Australian in the way that he approached,” the 31-year-old said.

Daniel Maguire was only on the show for a few days, but he left a lasting impression on Sam. Source: Ten

“At that point I cared a lot about all the girls that were there and some of the things that I would overhear him say were very cringeworthy,” he continued.

“So I worried for those girls because they were there for the right reasons.”

While you’d think 31-year-old Daniel may be offended by the fact he’s been banned from the wedding of the year, he told Be it would be “weird” if he went.

Australia saw Tara and Sam get engaged during last night’s finale of Bachelor In Paradise. Source: Channel Ten

“I barely even knew him,” he said. “It would be weird if they did invite me.”

Sure, sure.

Since being able to go public with their relationship status on Monday night, the couple have enjoyed no longer being in hiding, and Tara even shared an adorable snap of them holding hands.

While the pair are first going to have a big engagement party, Sam did say his fiancée will take the reins in the planning department.

Sam joked his fiancée will probably take the lead with their wedding plans. Source: Ten

“I probably won’t get much say,” he joked. “But I am actually okay with that, because she’s effortlessly stylish and she’ll create something really beautiful.”

“Tara’s Croatian so she gets things her way sometimes,” he laughed, adorably adding that she already “lets me be me” so he’s sure he’ll have some say.

Australia became obsessed with Sam and Tara’s love story in Paradise, as the unlikely couple enjoyed  a fairytale romance.

With the whole of Australia rooting for this dreamy couple, you’d think there would be a lot of pressure on them to survive.

But Sam insists the support just makes them both so “happy”.

Australia can’t wait for these two lovebirds to tie the knot. Source: Ten

“A lot of people are heavily invested but I don’t see that as pressure,” he said. “I see it as we were able to share a message of love and that it’s resonated with people.”

“Well that’s what the world needs a little bit more of… it makes me feel happy.”

Naw, you guys. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you both next.

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