One Easy DIY Trick Transforms a Basic Bedroom Door in This 'Amazing' Before and After Video

When someone refers to the term ”builder-grade,” they are referencing the technique used on their built house, typically the style seen in larger housing developments and commonly built contractor houses. They are often made using the cheapest and most bare bones and basic materials, with features that are “just enough” like small tub/shower combos, basic bedroom closets and boring wood doors.

A builder grade door is just what you think it is… a blank piece of flattened wood; lacking character and charm. Buying a custom door is expensive and building one is hard. But not to fret, one woman has a simple DIY that made her previous builder-grade doors look custom and it was super simple to do.

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By adding a bit of trim to your door you can take it from builder grade to custom without spending a pretty penny. This trick works best if you apply caulk in the seams to make it truly look like one piece.

Other Instagram users were loving this easy hack.

"Looks amazing!! What an upgrade 👏👏," one follower wrote.

Another commenter said, "Such a great transformation ❤️"

And another left one word: "Brilliant."

We agree!

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Tip for Easily Painting Doors

Painting is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of prep work with masking tape, a lot of precise work with pouring the paint and a lot of patience with moving and working slowly to get an even coat. Now, certain areas are harder to paint than others. Take doors as an example—they are much harder to paint than walls or other flat surfaces, but we have a little trick that makes the job so much easier.

After you take your door off its hinges and prep it for paint, place two large screws in each end of the door, leaving them sticking out an inch or two. Set up two sawhorses and place the door on them balanced on the screws. This allows you to rotate the door as you paint, making the job faster and easier!

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