The One Dish Bobby Flay Makes Every Single 4th Of July

Bobby Flay
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Fourth of July cookouts often feature burgers and hot dogs as the main staples, but Food Network star Chef Bobby Flay doesn't just stick to these classics at his annual gathering. In an interview with Wondercade, he shared that his go-to for July 4th is actually pork chops. He explains that the low fat content of pork loin helps to reduce the cooking time and also aids your meat in absorbing plenty of flavor.

Speaking of flavor, Flay says that one element to getting a tasty chop is to ensure you get a thick, crunchy char from grilling. From there, he likes to enhance the taste of his pork chops by coating them with a reduced balsamic vinegar glaze. The sweet and acidic flavors add additional layers of flavor that complement and balance out the smoky, rich meat. However, don't feel that you have to adhere to Flay's suggestion -- he explains that you can also take inspiration from your own pantry, whether you go with something more common like a barbecue glaze or get creative and pair the pork chops with unexpected ingredients.

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Bobby Flay Prefers Bone-In, Center-Cut Chops

Bone-in pork chop
Bone-in pork chop - Mironov Vladimir/Shutterstock

Bobby Flay explains that his go-to cut when making grilled pork chops on July 4th is center-cut, bone-in, around 1 ½ inches thick. While bone-in pork chops are relatively lower in fat compared to many steaks or even chicken thighs, there is enough fat to achieve a moist, juicy bite. Fat also adds flavor to your pork chops. Additionally, you can also enhance your pork chops before they even get on the grill by brining them. Not only will this infuse the meat with extra flavor, but it also adds moisture, creating a juicier, more tender chop.

Beyond the cut, Flay explains why getting a char on your cut is important. The char creates a crusty, crunchy exterior that adds texture to your meat that seals in moisture. Plus, it adds a smoky, caramelized flavor to your pork chops. You can then pair those flavors with a glaze, such as Flay's own suggestion of a balsamic vinegar glaze, or a two-ingredient jam and mustard meat glaze.

Other Tips For Grilled Pork Chop Perfection On July 4th

Pork chop on the grill
Pork chop on the grill - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Apart from choosing the right cut of meat, there are a few other tips to keep in mind as you grill pork chops for July 4th. One tip Bobby Flay offers is to remove your pork chop from the refrigerator 30 minutes before you're ready to start cooking. The reason for this is that if you cook your meat while it's still cold, it takes longer to reach a safe internal temperature in the center, and can cook unevenly. This can lead to your meat losing too much moisture and overcooking on the outside while you wait for the inside to wrap up. The result is a cut that's not as succulent.

You can use a meat thermometer to ensure the inside of the chop is cooked. An internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for pork, preferably after a charred crust has formed. With these tips and tricks, you're ready to take a leaf out of Bobby Flay's book and whip up some delicious pork chops for friends and family this 4th of July.

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