Olivia Rodrigo fans make 'best of a bad situation'

Emilia Boylan, 22 Mia Tunney, 23, from Manchester
Emilia and Mia from Manchester booked their tickets last year. [BBC]

Nursing drinks in a bar in Manchester, fans of Olivia Rodrigo found a fun way to escape the chaos of the Co-op Live arena's stop-start schedule.

Left disappointed after the troubled venue postponed the US's singer's shows, many decided to join a Rodrigo-themed evening specially arranged for ticket holders.

"We're making the best of a bad situation," one fan said.

Mia Tunney, 23, added: "It's made us feel a bit better to come here and have a dance."

Aziya, 16 and Naoimi, 19, from Northern Ireland
Aziya and Naoimi said there were "lots of tears" when the show was postponed [BBC]

Mia and friend Emilia Boylan, both from Manchester, both booked the day off for Rodrigo's show after getting the tickets last year.

Instead of watching one of their favourite acts, "we’ve randomly booked to go and see the Wizard of Oz," Emilia said.

The 22-year-old has already fallen foul of Co-op Live's chaotic opening, having seen her tickets for Peter Kay's appearance affected.

"We were both upset so we just thought let’s go out and make the most of it," Mia said, adding she thought the Olivia Rodrigo-themed party at Manchester's Gorilla bar was a "dead good" idea.

It is one of a number of places in the city offering an alternative for ticket-holders looking for new plans.

Becky Mahon, aged 31, Partington, and Amber Uttamlal, aged 23, from Preston
Friends Becky and Amber decided to have a 'Olivia Rodrigo day' [BBC]

Aziya and Naoimi from Northern Ireland decided to fly to Manchester yesterday despite learning they would not be able to watch their favourite star days ago.

"I was so excited, I wanted to cry to her sad songs, not cry because I can’t see her perform them," Aziya said.

"It's so annoying," said Naoimi.

The sentiment was echoed by Rodrigo herself, as the US singer-songwriter said she was "sooooo disappointed" when her weekend shows fell victim to the "technical issues" dogging the opening of Co-op Live.

Becky Mahon, from Partington, said she decided to catch up with friend Amber Uttamlal at the Gorilla party to have their "own little Olivia Rodrigo day anyway".

"I am quite gutted to be honest, but I am glad that we got to celebrate in a different way, just hanging out in Manchester today and getting friendship bracelets," Amber said.

Summer Stubbs, aged 15 and her mum, Lydnsey Stubbs
Summer was due to watch Rodrigo with her mum Lyndsey [BBC]

The show was supposed to be a pre-GCSE celebration for 15-year-old Summer from Burnley, whose family bought her a ticket as a Christmas present.

"It was my dream to watch her," the teenager said.

"I love that she started off in musical theatre and that she’s just grown in confidence, because I do musical theatre so I feel like I’ve got a bond with her."

Mum Lyndsey said the family had "everything crossed" in the hope the shows would be rescheduled to a date they could all go.

"There’s no point being at home and sad about it, you’ve just got to make the most of the situation," Summer said.

Gorilla Olivia Rodrigo listening party
Olivia Rodrigo listening parties were held in bars in Manchester on Friday [BBC]

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