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Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker ($10, originally $15)

Oh My Gourd, This Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker Is So Cute

Halloween may be all about the candy, but true Fall-lovers know that the seasonal food goes well beyond that one short (and very sugary) day. From spiced lattes to waffles to cinnamon rolls, the possibilities are endless. But since just eating those foods isn't enough, there's now an adorable waffle maker that shapes your food into a pumpkin!

The festively orange Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker ($10, originally $15) uses a lower plate pumpkin mold for making your favorite Halloween breakfasts. All you have to do is plug it in, give it a few minutes to heat up, and add your mixture or snack, whether that be waffle batter, hash browns, paninis, etc. (It comes with a recipe book!). It also has a dual non-stick surface, so your treats will be perfectly even and create little-to-no mess.

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