It's officially Pisces season: 15 of our favourite famous Pisces

Ellie Spina

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After spending an innovative month in Aquarius season, creative Pisces season is here. During this time, you can expect to feel more drawn to creative hobbies, movies, music, and flexible schedules — any way to free yourself of getting bogged down by rigid, structured, day-to-day routines.

Like the watery element it belongs to, Pisces season is a time to go with the flow and cross bridges when you get to them. It’s a great time to feel your feelings, meditate, lean into your own personal plane of existence, and manifest the things you want to accomplish.

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Those born between Feb. 19 and Mar. 20 are the empathetic dreamers of the zodiac — they're ethereal, intuitive, imaginative, emotional, and mutable. These dreamy, whimsical-esque water signs blur the lines between fantasy and reality, and are often said to live in their own worlds, so to speak, where they can process their often overwhelming emotions.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are naturally drawn to escapism, whether that be artistic, spiritual, or otherwise, making them an excellent fit for professions where they can feel free to express themselves in ways outside the box. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that so many of our favourite Hollywood Pisceans chose career paths in performing arts.

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