Offbeat Beauty Looks on Paris Streets During Men’s Fashion Week

Most people might have chosen to go au naturel, but bold and beautiful grooming was spotted on Paris streets during the recent men’s fashion week showcasing the spring 2025 collections.

Take as an example the person who spangled their whole bald head with a number of small Eiffel Tower keychains. That was daring, spiky, possibly patriotic and — definitely — fabulous.

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Another person sported a newfangled flying-ace helmet with oversized goggles and plastic tubes cascading down the back, giving the effect of surreal tresses. Elsewhere, a fine handle-bar mustache topped a sculptural goatee. Wisps of hair were gelled into curls on a forehead. A long braid morphed suddenly from black to blond. There were bowl cuts, with a back-to-the-future allure.

Caps resembled leaves or shards of plastic gave some coifs an eccentric, unidentifiable twist.

Fingernails were not denied the special treatment, either. On at least one person, each nail on one hand was extended and decorated 3D, like a different fun-filled accessory. There was a little orange dab here, some red there.

Metal-coated teeth became sculptural.

Tattoos took some wild and inventive shapes, too. An eyeless, fanged, furry creature stared out from one hand. A chest was aflutter with a blue-and-black butterfly, artfully rendered. The back of a head depicted Jesus’ face with a thorny crown and tears. A geometric, colorful pixilated-like hand tattoo, like a little disgruntled character, seemed to spring from its owner’s similarly pixilated shirt.

A pair of lips were painted azure blue. But, it’s fair to say, this was less of a daring season for makeup looks overall.

Launch Gallery: Off-Beat Beauty Looks Seen on the Street During Paris Men's Fashion Week

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