Odell Beckham Jr. wonders how Myles Garrett wasn't charged with assault in response to 'Last Dance' tweet

Myles Garrett caught some heat for his response to Sunday’s finale of “The Last Dance.”

The Cleveland Browns defensive end was impressed with the sportsmanship Karl Malone showed by congratulating Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls bus after losing in the 1998 NBA Finals.

Wait, what?

Sportsmanship commentary coming from a player who’s better known for swinging his helmet at Mason Rudolph’s head than his Pro Bowl prowess raised some eyebrows. But Garrett doesn’t care.

He rolled on with “The Last Dance” takes late Sunday, inviting his teammate and Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. into the mix while highlighting a clip of Malone and Dennis Rodman trading smacks on the butt.

Why you bringin’ up old stuff?

The tweet is a reference to January’s controversy that saw Beckham charged with battery for slapping a police officer on the butt while celebrating LSU’s national championship in New Orleans.

The officer involved eventually declined to pursue charges, leaving Beckham in the clear. But Garrett’s tweet prompted Beckham to quip back with a question on the minds of a lot of football fans in the aftermath of Garrett’s controversy.

How exactly did he escape criminal charges for hitting another man in the head with a blunt object?

The tweets appear to all be in good fun. As much fun as can be had around a discussion on assault charges.

And why not? These guys aren’t going to escape their respective controversies. They might as well own them.

Odell Beckham Jr. fired back at Myles Garrett after he brought up some old stuff. (AP Photo/David Richard)

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