The odd reason this woman's Tinder photo has caused an online stir

In the world of online dating, you’ve only got a few chances to make a great first impression, whether that be by showing off your best angles or revealing what a funny person you are with a few jokes.

Either way, once you get a match it’s common for people to start a conversation with something they liked about your profile.

However, for 30-year-old Hana Michels that wasn’t exactly the case, when one of her Tinder photos instead ended up causing the stir for a very odd reason.

Rather than having people comment on the humorous photo of her looking completely caught off guard brushing her teeth in only a towel and shower cap, people were more concerned with the way she hung her toilet roll.

Posting the photo to Twitter, Hana revealed that 23 men so far have called her out for supposedly hanging her toilet paper ‘incorrectly.’

We never knew guys could be so nit-picky about such a minor detail but judging from the hilarious debate the post has since sparked online, apparently, this is a big deal.

For some, there was no doubt about it; the way she hung that toilet roll was just plain wrong:

While for others they could see her reasonings and tried to give additional justification:

And then there were people who just made great rebuttals all round, including highlighting the point that those who said Hana was wrong were clearly “not true matches.”

However considering the overwhelming response that her post received, Hana looks to have changed her ways to please the people.

If there is anything to take away from this, it’s that this chick deserves an A+ for her sense of humour.

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