Obese woman reveals reality of going to the gym as a 'fat person'

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
An overweight woman has complained about experiencing prejudice at the gym. Stock Image [Photo: Getty]

Going to the gym can be intimidating at the best of times.

However, one woman has taken to Twitter to share how much worse it is if you’re overweight.

The Twitter user, who refers to herself as Ms. Moon, says she weighs 320 pounds (145kg) – likely putting her in the “obese” BMI range.

In the thread, she reveals she has taken up exercise again because she’s about to study a subject which requires physical strength – but faces many prejudices at the gym due to her size.

She also adds that she has a history of playing sport – “so exercise is not a foreign concept” – and has joined the gym to build strength, rather than lose weight.

Despite this, she admits the gym environment is “terrifying” for “fat folks”.

She shares the fears “fat people” face in the gym – everything from fat-shaming to being “patronised” by trainers.

What’s more, she finds trainers refuse to accept she’s not trying to lose weight, and try to use her as a weight loss “pet project”.

Later down, she blames the fitness industry for a lot of overweight people quitting the gym – and outlines how it could do better.

Her advice includes listening to overweight people when they say what they want from exercise.

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