This NYC hotel serves a giant pork crackling bigger than your upper body

Carly Williams
Branded Content Editor

Let’s get real.  Over-the-top food trends on social media are often inedible, riddled with grease and are only good for the picture.

The giant piece of pork crackling at The Aviary in NYC is much bigger than one’s head. Photo: Yahoo Australia

Do we really want eight meat patties on a burger or a kilo of fairy floss on our pancakes? Not really.

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So, it’s exciting to find a slightly ridiculous food item that tastes amazing and is served with the absolute best view of New York City.

The Chicharròn is a hit bar snack… and very noisy when broken apart. Photo: Yahoo Australia

Introducing the Giant Crispy Pork Skin from The Aviary NYC at the Mandarin Oriental. Literally, a giant piece of delicious pork crackling that towers high above your head like the Manhattan skyline.

No matter how many times you’ve noticed it while on your afternoon Instagram scroll, it is just as impressive in real life.

Even the locals rave about The Aviary NYC’s cocktail program. This is the Zombie Panda cocktail with raspberry ice, pisco and lychees. Photo: Yahoo Australia

If you’re shocked by the palm frond-sized pork rind AKA Chicharròn, you’ll be even more dazed by the intense crunching sounds it makes when you snap off a piece to dip into the accompanying corn polenta hummus and chili oil.

The preparation process starts with the chef scraping excess fat off a piece Berkshire pork skin, followed by 14 hours of dehydration.  The transparent wafer-thin skin is then deep fried and it expands in seconds before being dusted in Thai long peppercorn and vinegar powder. The meal can reach 1.5 meters in height.

Expectations complete. Photo: Yahoo Australia

The Aviary NYC soars above Central Park and the views of the Big Apple are that of your wildest dreams. Throw in a course of their imaginative cocktails (they are like mini art installations) and you’ve got the perfect bar snack combo.

The Margarita-ish with spiced paprika and blood orange ice cubes. Photo: Yahoo Australia

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