Cereal and Sweet Chilli: Nutri-Grain launches retro mashup trail mix

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Would you add sweet chilli to your cereal? Photo: Nutri-Grain

Would you add sweet chilli sauce to your Nutri-grain cereal?

We didn’t think so, because mixing cereal with sweet chilli or BBQ isn’t something you might normally think is a good idea, but this new snack mix is giving you exactly that.

Reviving an old recipe from the 80s, Nutri-Grain has launched a new ‘swavory’ Nuts & Bolts Trail Mix.

The three new flavours - Original Spice, Smokey BBQ, and Sweet Chilli will be available from next Monday 29 July.

New Nuts & Bolts Trail Mix. Photo: Nutri-grain

Most who recognise the old recipe will likely be jumping for joy, and even though the combination sounds a little off, snacks that are both sweet and savoury have been all the rage recently.

“The original Nuts & Bolts recipe is a retro favourite and crowd-pleaser,” Nutri-grain Marketing and Corporate Affairs director Tamara Howe said.

“There’s such a lovely touch of nostalgia when we think about the snacks we had while growing up, and we know people still love making this recipe.”

Based off a quick taste test around the office the reactions were mixed, but mostly they new snack got a thumbs up.

“The flavours shouldn’t work, but they do,” one person said.

“I can’t. Even the smell is putting me off,” another admitted.

“My great aunt used to make this recipe when I was younger. This takes me back to the 80s,” was another response.

Bug popcorn is now also a thing

Mixing cereal and sauce isn’t the only strange new food mashup on our radar today.

To celebrate the The Lion King remake and in a world first, Deliveroo has created Bug Popcorn, an extreme version of the buttery cinema treat featuring a crunchy topping of real ants and crickets, which can be delivered direct to a cinema or customer's home.

Would you like bugs with that? Photo: Supplied/Deliveroo

Movie watchers can choose from lemon and herb ants, or plain roasted crickets dusted with cricket powder and order through Deliveroo Editions on the Deliveroo app, whilst stocks last.

We’re game if you are.

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