The Nun 2 confirms long-running Conjuring fan theory

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The Nun 2 confirms Conjuring fan theoryWarner Bros.

The Nun 2 expanded The Conjuring universe and also tied it closer together by confirming a long-running fan theory about Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren.

Ever since Taissa Farmiga was cast in The Nun, there's been a theory among The Conjuring fans that it'll eventually be revealed that Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are connected in some way, based purely on the fact the two actors are sisters in real life.

Given that The Nun takes place in 1952, almost 20 years before The Conjuring, the main fan theory was that Irene and Lorraine are the same person.

That never seemed to make total sense given what has been established about Lorraine in the series. However, The Nun 2 has now confirmed that even though they're not the same person, the two characters are related.

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How is Sister Irene related to Lorraine Warren?

During The Nun 2's wild ending, Sister Irene is being set on fire by Valak (Bonnie Aarons) who has now powered up thanks to the eyes of Saint Lucy, a holy relic that gifts the user angelic powers.

Before she's totally crispy, Irene thinks about her late mother and that kickstarts a speedy montage which proves that Irene is a descendant of Saint Lucy herself. This allows her to fight back against Valak, performing yet another miracle.

It would be easy to miss if you weren't paying close attention, but during this montage, there's a quick shot of Lorraine Warren's eyes. It's so brief that you could be forgiven for thinking you were imagining it, but it's absolutely there.

"The Conjuring movies always have this element of family in it and they explore it in different ways," director Michael Chaves, who also directed The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, told EW of the reveal.

"The sisters weren't on set together, but they love being connected in this universe, and I think it tells a deeper family story."

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Much like with The Nun 2 credit scene, this montage ties The Nun movies even closer into the main Conjuring trilogy.

What it confirms is that Irene and Lorraine are related in some way, but it leaves things open for exactly how they're connected. Some might think it doesn't rule out them being the same person, but it's very unlikely given what we know.

For one, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It had Lorraine talk about meeting Ed when she was younger, and there'd also have to be some explanation about why Lorraine never mentioned fighting Valak before in The Conjuring 2.

There's also the matter that The Conjuring movies are purportedly based on real life, and the real-life Lorraine wasn't a nun who gave it up to be a demonologist. The series has always played a bit loose with the true story, but this would be a step too far.

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The easier option would be that Irene and Lorraine are just related in some way, and are both descendants of Saint Lucy. It would explain their similar clairvoyant gifts and maybe sets up a future team-up.

Again, the real-life Lorraine didn't have a sister, but they could just use some creative licence or make Irene a more distant relative of Lorraine.

Whatever they choose to do going forward, at least The Nun 2 has finally confirmed that, somehow, Irene and Lorraine are related – and if they ever team up, demons better watch out.

The Nun II is out now in cinemas.

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