Nudist who dined naked with strangers says everyone should do it

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s one thing to have dinner with people you don’t know, but to do it naked… well that is just a whole other level of daring that most people would never consider.

However, for popular nude blogger Jessa O’Brien, that was exactly what she decided to do one day, and now she deems it an experience that everyone should be trying. 

In a recent blog post, the 28-year-old detailed the time she visited a nudist resort in Noosa, Queensland, and shared a meal with a married couple she just met, with “everything out there for all to see”.

“Unlike at most other places you go to for a getaway, instead of leaving my room clothed, I completely undressed myself and strolled on out to the outdoor area naked as could be,” Jessa wrote. 

From there she met the couple from Gladstone, and after quickly getting acquainted, she sat down for dinner with them, enjoying what she says was a liberating experience.  

“Sitting outside in the sunshine, listening to the birds sing, surrounded by trees, a pool and spa a stone’s throw away, all accompanied by great conversation; I was in my own little paradise,” Jessa said.

“I stopped to think about how odd this would seem to most other people…the fact that I was sitting there completely naked discussing politics and whatnot with a couple I had met only fifteen minutes prior.”

However, according to Jessa, those that haven’t tried the nudist lifestyle are really missing out on a good thing.

“I wondered what had prompted them to start frequenting nudist resorts. They disclosed that it all started off when the wife lost a bet. As a joke, they went to a nudist resort. “

“Not what they had anticipated, and thinking it would be funny, they quickly came to realise what the rest of us know all too well… The comfort, freedom and liberty in going nude in a social and non-judgmental environment.” 

And now, the three of them have never looked back since.

It was this one encounter that inspired Jessa to start ‘The Nude Blogger’ where she hopes to remove the taboo around nudist experiences and help broaden others’ perspectives regarding people’s lifestyle choices. 

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