Nude Instagram page trolled by ‘perverts’ sending X-rated snaps

The founder of a cheeky bum-baring movement has blasted online trolls for tormenting female members – by sending them dick pics.

Get Naked Australia was launched by Brendan Jones, 27, to pose for cheeky nude snaps with his friends in the great outdoors to promote body positivity.

The Instagram account was created to encourage body positivity – but its seen members being trolled and harrassed. Photo: Get Naked Australia/Caters News

But he claims the group’s viral Instagram account has now fallen prey to perverts who are harassing female nudists by sending them lewd photographs and messages.

And Brendan, from Sydney, says the seedy underbelly of his page has even spilled into the real world, with creeps descending on their planned events.

Brendan, who believes his page has changed lives by helping people feel confident in their own skin has hit out at the trolls.

“This is a huge problem for the girls, it’s hard not to get upset,” he said.

“They’re trying to build a positive culture and getting sent these dick pics and messages like: ‘I wanna be inside you’. It’s ridiculous.

“These are women who have found comfort in their bodies, but men think because they’re naked they must want it. It’s a culture we need to change.”

Photo: Get Naked Australia/Caters News

Disturbingly, Brendan claims the creeps have started lurking at public events and nudist beaches, sneaking photos of the group without their knowledge.

Now, he has put events on hold while he cleans up the movement – and he’s calling on members to do their part to purge the toxic culture.

Brendan wants anyone posing on his page to make their accounts private and block any members posting offensive content.

“There’s been some inappropriate attention at the beaches and some of the events with people sneaking photographs,” he said.

“We need to put an end to it by calling out these creeps and blocking them from the public pages.

Photo: Get Naked Australia/Caters News

“So far it’s working, we are starting to weed them out which is great. But there’s still a way to go.”

It’s not the first time Get Naked Australia has courted controversy.

Earlier this year, the #getnakedaustralia hashtag was controversially barred from Instagram for not meeting community guidelines — despite only featuring lighthearted ‘PG’ photos with no explicit nudity.

“It baffles me how Get Naked Australia is getting banned yet there are so many pages out there posting graphic pornographic content and sexually objectifying photos and videos,” Brendan has said in the past.

– Additional reporting by Caters News.

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