Nova hosts revive age old sleeping debate: Do you use a top sheet?

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When it comes to our own sleeping habits it's probably no surprise that we all like things differently and are definitely set in our ways - even when it comes to the way we make our beds.

Nova’s Summer Breakfast hosts Ben and Liam stirred up a controversial debate around that topic on Tuesday morning, getting into a bit of a discussion about using a top sheet VS no top sheet.

Young woman making bed at home. She is in pajamas. Doing her morning routine.
It turns out some people don't use a top sheet. Photo: Getty

Ben kicked things off asking Liam whether he used a top sheet.

"Is that so you've got mattress then like a fitted sheet, then there's like the top sheet, which is like the blanket, and then like a quilt over top of that? Yeah, of course," Liam replied.

But Ben didn't think it was "necessary" admitting he doesn't use a top sheet.

"Recently Sam, my partner and I got some new bedding, and of course that comes with a top sheet. For the first time ever, we put it on the bed and hated it. I really don't see the point," he explained.


Liam seemed surprised asking: "You don't have a sheet? It's just it's just your body, and then quilt."

To which Ben said he liked the "feeling of the quilt on my skin."

Nova's Ben and Liam
Nova's Ben and Liam had a bit of discussion re sheets. Photo: Nova
Charming beautiful couple in love making the bed together and having fun.
Do you use a top sheet or not? Photo: Getty

That begged the obvious question, which Liam then asked - what about in summer?

"If I don’t want the blanket I’ll just throw the blanket off," Ben said.

To which Liam quipped back: "So you sleep with no blanket? You sleep with no blanket on top of you like a dog, like a dog curled up in its bed."

Ben seemed surprised by Liam's reaction claiming he didn't realise the top sheet "was a real thing", and that he thought "a lot of people didn't use the top sheet".

But Liam disagreed: "No the top sheet is a thing. I swear to god, if you go to like any Airbnb or anything or hotel the top sheet would be on, because it’s like a universal thing."

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