As Notre Dame and USC get into heated halftime scrum, ref announces foul on 'UCLA'

Jack Baer
Notre Dame and USC had some words for each other and the officials at halftime. (Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports)

The first half of Saturday’s Notre Dame-USC game ended in heated fashion, as the teams got into a large-scale shoving match before heading to the locker rooms.

The scrum began after USC ended the half with a one-yard run. Notre Dame’s Jamir Jones and USC’s Jay Tufele appeared to be at the center of the conflict.

Notre Dame was up big at that point, leading USC 17-3 thanks to 196 first-half rushing yards. The shoving was apparently hard enough that USC head coach Clay Helton exited the clash after losing one of his shoes.

The officials assessed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on both sidelines, essentially meaning that another such offense would result in an ejection for any player. It was actually the second time officials did such a thing on Saturday, as every player on both Texas and Oklahoma were given pregame unsportsmanlike conduct fouls before the Red River Showdown.

Unfortunately, the ref at Notre Dame Stadium erred a bit in penalizing the two teams, announcing the fouls on “Notre Dame and UCLA.”

The 1-5 Bruins, on a bye this week, just cannot win this season.

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