North West Eats Unpeeled Raw Onion Like An Apple And It's Breathtaking

That’s one way to reach your daily servings of vegetables.

North West, the 10-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Ye, formerly Kanye West, chomped into an unpeeled raw onion as if it were an apple on “The Kardashians” Thursday. (Watch the video below.)

The reality star watched her daughter begin to eat the onion at the other side of the kitchen.

“Can you eat it like that?” Kardashian asked.

North approached. “You want some?”

“No thanks,” Kardashian said, prompting North to take a hearty bite.

“You’re just going to eat an onion like an apple?” Kardashian said. “This is what she does, people. She eats veggies like apples.”

The clothing and skin care mogul gave North several kisses on the cheek. “Oh, my gosh, this onion breath is going to make me cry!” she said, per the New York Post.

“It’s so strong. Oh, my gosh, my eyes are literally tearing. How do you not tear?” Kardashian added.

At least North is getting a healthy nutrition boost.

Raw onions are said to boost immunity and are good for your bones and your brain.

“The Kardashians” airs on Hulu.