Adventurous Eaters Are Sharing "The Foods Even They REFUSE To Eat" And It's Fascinating

Reddit user u/NoLobster7951 asked, "Non-picky eaters, what won't you eat?" and the comments came flooding in.

Here are the top-voted answers:

1."Pufferfish. I don't care how talented of a chef you are. I'm not risking dying to taste some fish."

—u/cirezaru'I'll only eat it if I'm actively admitted in the hospital with a 24-hour observation period and the chef has to eat a bite first.

2."I eat everything and even quite a few eccentric things, but I just really don’t like the taste of most sugar substitutes. Stevia, sucralose, and a few others I can’t think of right now... they all overpower everything and taste so damn cloying."


"I feel the exact same way!! I found my people! I've had friends tell me I'm nuts because there's 'no taste difference' between real sugar and whatever substitute, but I can ALWAYS tell, no matter what. Aspartame in particular feels like it's coating my tongue and leaves this absolutely appalling aftertaste. It's so gross."


3."Spaghettini in a can. I refuse."


4."Spiders. I suspect all the people who think they're clever by saying 'shrimp are just sea bugs' have never eaten a spider. Shrimp are almost all muscle meat, crabs are full of muscle. A spider is mostly guts and goo. There's just no comparison."


"I'm from Norway and here we don't have any culture for eating bugs or insects. So I was also very squeamish about it. But when I was in Zimbabwe, they served some marinated BBQ larvae as a pre-dinner snack in this one place. I ended up trying it and I liked it! It's kind of like puffed rice crisps I've had before...just with a slight more 'earthy' flavor."


5."My husband will eat anything except for bean sprouts. He says they taste like dirt to him."




"Snails are really just a vehicle for butter..."


7."I eat anything and everything. The only thing that I will not eat a second time is black pudding also known as blood sausage. "


8."Cilantro and only because I have that gene that makes it taste like soap."


9."Frog legs. They're my favorite animal. I've had pet frogs and toads as an adult for years. I couldn't eat a part of my friends. 😭"


10."Super hot peppers. I had a nibble of a Carolina reaper once. It fucking hurt, I wouldn't dare eat the whole thing, that sounds unimaginable."


11."Natto. It's a traditional Japanese food that consists of whole fermented soybeans and people typically eat it for breakfast. I'm not a picky eater at all. I've eaten durian, balut, raw kangaroo meat, sea urchin, all kinds of raw fish eggs, 'chocolate soup,' fermented shrimp paste, coagulated blood on a stick, chicken innards BBQ, tendons, tripe, liver (roasted duck liver salad is fantaaaastic), hearts, and more, but I REFUSE to eat natto because it looks like snot."


12."Water chestnuts. I can't get over the texture."


And finally...

13."I'll try most anything once. I've eaten fried crickets and grasshoppers, rocky mountain oysters, etc. I don't consider myself picky in the slightest...but I refuse to try pickled pig feet."


Now it's your turn! What do you refuse to eat, even as a non-picky eater? Comment below!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.