Noah Cyrus sparks comparison to the Michelin Man with ‘stack of tires’ outfit in Paris

Noah Cyrus has sparked some amusing reactions from fans after the singer stepped out in Paris this week in what can only be described as a “Michelin Man” outfit.

On Thursday (2 February), the 23-year-old “July” singer shared photoson Instagram from a recent visit to Paris, France. In the images, she’s seen wearing a head-to-toe black puffer gown designed by Colors which also featured a puffer headpiece strapped around her neck and was accessorised with black lace gloves.

Unsurprisingly, the unusual fashion choice received some wild reactions from fans who compared Cyrus’ look to everything from a caterpillar to an air mattress to the iconic Michelin tire company mascot, the Michelin Man.

“It’s giving stack of tires, but in a slay way of course,” said one commenter on the platform, while another wrote: “It’s giving air mattress.”

“Michelin man slay,” one fan said.

Some people thought the black puffer dress looked more like a sleeping bag, including one user who said: “When you go camping but don’t want to get out of the sleeping bag because it’s too cold.”

“When you have dinner at 7 but have to go camping at 9,” another joined in.

One user simply commented: “Alright that’s it, I’m off the internet for a month.”

Last week, Cyrus turned heads at Paris Fashion Week when she freed the nipple wearing a black plunging gown with a thick chain-link necklace from Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture.

Cyrus – the younger sister of actor and musician Miley Cyrus – has been known for sporting some unconventional fashion looks over the years. While up for Best New Artist at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards, the “Make Me (Cry)” singer arrived on the red carpet wearing a white oversized Schiaparelli Couture gown.

The outfit instantly sparked thousands of memes online, with viewers comparing it to an unmade bed, whipped cream, and even toilet paper.

“Noah Cyrus is wearing a comforter,” one person tweeted, while another said: “Now we know where all the toilet paper went during the pandemic.”