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This No7 serum was Boots' best-selling skincare product of 2023

No7's Future Renew Serum is the best-selling skincare product of 2023 at Boots. (Boots/Yahoo Life UK)

Boots has revealed it's best-selling skincare products of 2023 and taking the top slot is a brand new No7 serum that sold in record-breaking numbers.

The serum is part of the No7's revolutionary Future Renew range that launched April 2023 and boasted No7's most scientifically-advanced formula to date, which included a world-first peptide technology. The four-piece collection took 15 years of research to create and is made up of a day cream, night cream, serum and eye cream that are designed to "reverse the appearance"of skin damage.

The hero product from the range is by far the No7 Future Renew Damage Reversal Serum, which has been named as Boots' best-selling skincare product of 2023. It proved so popular in fact, that one sold every two seconds on launch day, and in the first four weeks, there were over half a million transactions. Not only that, searches for ‘peptide serum’ on Boots' online site grew by over 55%.

This No7 serum was Boots' best-selling skincare product of 2023. (No7)
The serum is No7's most scientifically-advanced formula to date and uses a world-first peptide technology. (No7)

The serum was followed by the Future Renew Day Cream SPF40 and Future Renew Night Cream on the Boots top-seller list, as tons of shoppers decided to overhaul their entire skincare routine with the groundbreaking collection.

How does this 'super-peptide' blend work?

The science behind Future Renew is rather complicated but put simply, the 'super-peptide' tricks the skin into thinking it's damaged, which kickstarts its recovery and renewal process.

As a result, it boosts the production of collagen and fibrillin – also known as key components for skin plumpness and elasticity. This whole ecosystem means it can more effectively tackle skin damage caused by sun exposure, environmental pollution, stress, sleep, temperature and nutrition.

No7's Future Renew face serum is formulated with an exclusive blend of peptides, as well as containing hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and niacinamide. 

£43 at Boots

No7’s Head of Science Research Dr Mike Bell explained: “The new peptide blend therefore supports skin’s natural self-repair mechanisms, targeting signs of cumulative damage both on and under the surface. This is a world-first technology only available from No7. We believe it is going to be a game changer for consumers.”

With a formula boasting numerous benefits, such as tackling fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, skin tone, dryness and loss of firmness – it has plenty of bold claims. Not only has it racked up over 800 five-star reviews from happy customers, but I also put the serum to the test when it first launched and was super impressed.

Why I rate it

This serum is by far the centrepiece of the Future Renew range and contains a cocktail of hard-working ingredients, including niacinamide to brighten, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, vitamin c for dullness and its patented peptide blend.

I found the No7 serum to be the best product from the Future Renew range. (Yahoo Life UK)
I found the No7 serum to be the best product from the Future Renew range. (Yahoo Life UK)

Shop the No7 serum Read my full Future Renew review

It's a gel texture that's fast-absorbing and I appreciated the thin nozzle that meant it's basically impossible to apply too much or make a mess. I used it day and night on cleansed skin before using the moisturiser.

I was impressed with how smooth and soft it made my skin, improving texture in just a week. It sits well under make-up too and didn't irritate my reactive, sensitive skin which is prone to hormonal acne and rosacea so it'll definitely be remaining a daily part of my skincare routine. You can also read my full review of the entire range here.

If you want to buy a smaller size to try before filly committing, you can also get the serum in a 25ml tube for £34.95.

What the reviews say

Over 800 shoppers have awarded the serum five-stars, with glowing reviews that make a convincing argument to add it to your basket.

  • "I love this serum, it glides across my skin leaving it feeling protected and nourished. I'm 60 years old and have only recently started using this serum and I would definitely recommend it."

  • "Literally THE BEST of No7's serums. I had a sun spot on my cheek which disappeared a month into using this. It is magical!"

  • "I used this product for three and a half months. I found it made my skin smoother, felt more hydrated and made my dark under eyes look a little lighter. I use daily, morning and evening and will continue to use."

  • "Absolutely loved this serum. So light and I feel my face is smoother and fresher looking. I bought this alongside the day cream. Love it."

  • "This is my second purchase. I love that it absorbs well into my skin and leaves it feeling soft. I usually use it with moisturiser but often on its own along with future renew eye serum. It’s expensive but its last a long time as you only require a small amount on your fingertip."

Shop it now: No7 Future Renew Damage Reversal Serum 50ml | £42.95 from Boots

Shop now

If you want to totally revamp your skincare routine with the new Future Renew range, you can also buy a bundle with all the key items, which gives you a huge saving.

Including all four products (that's £129.80 worth) you can purchase the bundle for just £85 – that's a £44.80 saving.

The four-piece collection has rave reviews from customers and is a firm favourite in my skincare routine too. Effective, sensitive skin-friendly and reasonably priced for the innovation inside each bottle, it's no wonder it's become a big hit. 

£85 at Boots