Nili Lotan’s Resort 2025 Ode to ’70s Rock and Roll

Nili Lotan is stedfast in her inspirations: rock ‘n’ roll a la Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, Yves Saint Laurent in the ’70s, western Americana and the formality of a uniform. “Consistently” having these as a base is her North Star, sometimes pulling from one. But resort saw her pull from all four together.

A wide range of blouses with pussy bows: YSL. Fringe leather coats with wide-leg denim: western. Utility outerwear with pockets and epaulettes: uniform. Rock ‘n’ roll, that is an easy one — it’s embedded in the cool factor of each garment. Denim and outerwear were particularly pronounced with 15 leather jacket options, belted, fringe, shearlings (what is more rock ‘n’ roll than that?) and a range of denim shapes and washes.

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“There is a component of going to a party, of course,” she said of the resort timing. “But what I’ve learned through the years is that it’s really October, November, December. It’s really the time when you just need winter clothes.” And a wintry mix with urban polish is what she delivers.

Lotan also gave a preview of her spring men’s collection, a range she finds “intuitive” to create. Dylan, she said, is permanently fixed on this mood board with more leather coats, denim and light-weight knit Henleys that complement her cool downtown girl.

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Launch Gallery: Nili Lotan Resort 2025 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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