Nightclub's appalling response to woman who says her drink was spiked

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A woman has been left reeling after a nightclub blasted her and her group of friends after she complained that her drink was spiked while on a night out there.

Her friend took to Facebook to post a screenshot of the appalling response she got from the WA nightclub, asking her if she’s “ worth someone trying to spike her drink?” when she tried to warn them of the dangers lurking in their club.

“What proof do you have of your drink being spiked. Why would anyone want to spike your drink?,” the shocking response from the nightclub on Facebook read.

“Did you attend a hospital and have stomach pumped for evidence? Is this something you and your friends experience regularly?”

A woman has posted a screenshot of the shocking response she received from a nightclub when she told them her drink was spiked. Photo: Facebook

The response continued, with the person from the nightclub asking the woman if she would “like a crowd controller to hold your drink for you next time you attend a nightclub?”

“Do you think ten crowd controllers would be able to stop you having your drink spiked? Are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?”

They finished by saying that they think the whole thing is a “beat up” and they believe that no one would be “stupid enough to waste their drugs on spiking on anyone’s drink”.

The woman said her drink had been spike at the WA nightclub. Photo: Getty Images

Clearly in shock over the harsh and tone deaf response, the woman simply replied with: ”Thank you for your professional response”.

Since posting a screenshot of the conversation on Facebook, it has already received nearly 3,000 comments in two hours.

“Are you worth someone trying to spike your drunk?” WHAT THE F**K,” one person wrote .

Others called it “disgusting” and said they’re “not going there anymore”.

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia has contacted the nightclub for comment.

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