Nicole Scherzinger took notes from Kim Kardashian with this 'wet flip bun' hairstyle

nicole scherzinger channels kim kardashian with wet flip bun hairstyle
Scherzy's 'wet flip bun' is an easy style to noteMEGA - Getty Images

Y'know them days when you CBA to do... just about anything, but do, in fact, have to look presentable for five back-to-back work meetings (speaking from experience? I think yes). Well, Nicole Scherzinger just wore the perfect hairstyle for said occasion. And it'll take you less than five minutes to recreate. Sign. Us. Up.

Earlier this week, the Pussy Cat Dolls alum swarmed backstage of London Fashion Week, taking to MAC Cosmetics' 'The Face Show'. For this, she, ofc, turned up and out in the beauty department rocking a full face of the brand's makeup, courtesy of her MUA, Natz.

And complementing the glam comes Nic's E Z wet flip bun updo, originally worn by Kim Kardashian circa this time last year. Celebrity hairstylist, Carl Bembridge, was the genius behind the following hairstyle:

As we can see, Nic's long luscious locks have been slicked back with an immense amount of styling product and tied into a ponytail, meaning there's not a flyaway in sight. That is, bar those preened-to-perfection face-framing strands.

However, instead of pulling the ponytail completely through its final loop, Carl has stopped halfway, leaving half of the remaining hair to sit bun-like.

We recommend using the following products to help recreate such a sleek look:

Oh and FYI, the Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel has never let me down in the past. Thanks, TikTok girlies who made it go viral!

So, what are you waiting for? Get adding to that cart...

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