Nicole Kidman Seals Award With a Kiss With Naomi Watts

Friends since they attended high school together in Sydney, Aussie actresses Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts shared a kiss onstage together Tuesday night at the Women in Film's Crystal + Lucy Awards, at which Kidman was presented with the Crystal Award for Excellence in Film.

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As it turns out, however, the kiss was more than two decades in the making.

Accepting her award, Kidman spoke about female empowerment and her own career regrets.

Naomi Watts (L) and Nicole Kidman locking lips during the award presentation. Photo: Getty
Naomi Watts (L) and Nicole Kidman locking lips during the award presentation. Photo: Getty

Kidman said that at age 14, future Oscar winner Jane Campion offered her a role in a student film, A Girl's Own Story, which would go on to be screened at Cannes.

Kidman turned down the part, however, because she was scared.

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"My excuse was that I had final exams to study for, but the truth is the part would have required me to appear up on the screen wearing a shower cap and kissing a girl ... I wanted to be the kind of actress with long flowing hair [who] kissed boys ... I was not ready to do the kind of work that threatened anybody," she said.

"Well, today I know better and I say, 'Jane, if you're out there ... I'm ready to don this cap.'"

She really meant it, and pulled a shower cap out of her purse right there on the dais. Ever the good friend, Watts was there to oblige and helped Kidman recreate the scene she never got to star in herself.

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Kidman and Watts have spoken about the longevity of their friendship at length in the past.

"Naomi Watts and I are very, very good friends and have maintained that through so many things," Kidman told The Telegraph in 2005. "I think that's really rare, particularly for actresses, and I take a lot of pride in that."

And in case you doubted that their friendship really started in high school, Kidman admitted on CBS's Early Show that Watts "dated [her] sister's boyfriend."

And there's really nothing more high school than that.

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