Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcome new family member

Holly Hales
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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have welcomed a new member to their family - an adorable Cavoodle. Photo: Getty

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are in full-blown celebration mode after adding an adorable puppy to their growing brood.

The Cavoodle, who’s name is yet to be revealed, made his social media debut just after being brought home.

“My first puppy... actually my first dog. Been waiting my whole life for this!” Nicole wrote on Instagram.

In the snap, the mother-of-four is seen hoisting the little pup in line with her forehead as it pokes its tongue out to lick the proud owner.

Celebrity friends were also quick to congratulate the Nashville-based clan on their new addition, with actress Isla Fisher noting the pup was “so cute”.

“Best, best thing you’ll ever do! It’s a love like no other,” added Aussie star Deborah Hutton.

And while the new furry friend is bound to soon bond with Sunday Rose, 11, and eight-year-old Faith, it remains to be seen how much interaction he’ll have with Nicole’s adult children.

Bella and Connor Cruise are famously devoted to Scientology - as is their father Tom Cruise - something which has long driven a wedge between the pair and their adoptive mother, Nicole.

Just this week it emerged the alleged lengths the church went to in order to influence Nicole’s relationship with the children.

While the full extent of these efforts remain unknown, Nicole has almost always lived apart from both Bella and Connor and did not attend either of their weddings.

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