Nicolas Cage Admits He Didn't Expect To Have 3 Kids With 3 Women

Nicolas Cage has made some rare comments about fatherhood. 

Speaking with The New Yorker ahead of the release of his new horror film “Longlegs,” the Oscar winner, 60, opened up about his relationship with his three kids, whom he shares with three different women. 

“They’re all different experiences. Each one has a different mother,” he said of his daughter August, 1, and sons Kal-El, 18, and Weston, 33, in the story published Monday.

“It’s not what I had originally thought would happen when I fell in love or got married — that I would have three different children with three different moms — but nonetheless that’s what’s happened,” Cage explained. “So every child is different. There’s a different kind of level of attention.” 

Nicolas Cage and son Kal-El Cage in 2015.
Nicolas Cage and son Kal-El Cage in 2015. Jerod Harris via Getty Images

The “Renfield” actor shares Weston with ex Christina Fulton, Kal-El with ex-wife Alice Kim and August with wife Riko Shibata.

Cage wed four times before Shibata in 2021. He tied the knot with Patricia Arquette in 1995, Lisa Marie Presley in 2002, Kim in 2004 and Erika Koike in 2019. His marriage to Koike lasted only four days.

After interviewer Susan Orlean commented that fathering a 2-year-old is an “attention-suck,” Cage admitted his “levels of worry” have increased since becoming a girl dad.

“Yeah, and a girl. My first daughter — so this is all different levels of worry and protection and taking it into overdrive,” he said.

Cage went on to juxtapose being a father of three to acting in Hollywood for more than 40 years.

Nicolas Cage and son Weston Cage Coppola in 2022.
Nicolas Cage and son Weston Cage Coppola in 2022. Tommaso Boddi via Getty Images

“Being a dad — to me, it’s not an art form, it’s ... How do I put this? It’s like breathing. Everything is about her,” he shared. “You know, I can make a movie or not make a movie. I can’t stop being a dad. With her, it’s life. It’s my survival.”

Back in April 2022, the film producer shared he was “extremely excited” about welcoming another child ahead of August’s birth.

“My boys are all grown up, and I miss going to the toy store. I miss singing lullabies and rocking in the rocking chair,” he told Access Hollywood at the time. “I’m looking forward to getting back to that.”