Nicola Gates

Nicola Gates is a clinical neuropsychologist, expert in brain health and positive ageing, and principal of A Brain For Life.

Q. What motivates you most in your work?

The most simple answer is that I love watching people grow, find their wings and take off into their life—being their best. I wanted to be a psychologist at age 12, when I realised I could help other people to feel more positive. I never imagined having any other career because that was such a wonderful opportunity.

Q. What one thing would you like to have more of in your day?

More time just being with my children, without the chaos of homework, sports and other activities—a comfortable calm coexistence, which is hard to achieve when they get home at about 4 pm. They need to grow and follow their own journey, so the time they are in your daily life is so short, and to me it's the greatest treasure and pleasure. I don't like it when the summer holidays end.

Q. What is your wellbeing wish for Australian women 40+?

Women over 40 are fantastic! I immediately think of the external and societal pressures placed upon us that need to change (stereotypes of youth and beauty, violence against women, unequal pay, inadequate childcare). Women over 40 in Australia need to get a bigger collective voice, and as individuals we need to make active choices for ourselves and nurture ourselves in the same way that we care for others.

More about Gates:

With 15 years' experience working in rehabilitation and acquired brain injury, Nicola Gates has also trained in cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and depression, and coaching psychology. She is currently undertaking a PhD in psychological wellbeing and preventive therapy for dementia through the School of Psychiatry at The University of New South Wales.

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