Nicky Hilton on being a ‘strict’ mom and why sister Paris will be an ‘amazing parent’ if she has kids

Nicky Hilton discusses her pregnancy style secrets, preparing for her 1st son and dealing with mom guilt.

Video transcript

NICKY HILTON: I am a girly girl. I have two girls. I don't know much about a boy, but I'm having a boy. The thought of being outnumbered is definitely a little scary. But I'm very, very excited because they do say boys love their mothers. And the love is just another kind of love.


Both of the girls are in school full-time now. Lots of their classmates have just had siblings or have siblings on the way. So they are very excited. I love seeing my girls look after each other and play with each other.

And they are each other's biggest cheerleaders. The bond of sisterhood, it's unbreakable. And you have a built-in best friend for life.

I would say I'm actually pretty strict as a parent. And I don't think people who know me would be so surprised by that. Manners are a big, big priority for me-- please, thank you, taking your plates to the sink, making your bed in the morning. Implementing and laying those wires at a young age is really important. I have my rules. And if you break them, I'm going to get mad.

Mom guilt, or just parent guilt, is a struggle or everybody. My biggest challenge right now is there's only one of me and they're at an age where they have so many different birthdays, after school activities, concerts, plays. But I'm very lucky that I have a great husband. So we definitely divide the work. But just making each child feel equally important, being equally present is a challenge sometimes.

I definitely make time for myself. If you're so tired and burnt out, then you're not going to be the best version of yourself in front of your children. So it's important to prioritize yourself as well.

Becoming a mother has definitely influenced the way I dress and the way I design. I am all about no fuss, simplicity. With the shoe collection, I love loafers with skinny jeans. I love a ballerina flat. I think they're the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. I'm running around to meetings, pick-up, drop-off, play dates. I really need something comfortable. So a lot of the shoes I've actually designed have extra padding for that comfort.

My girls are exactly how my sister and I were. The older one, she'll wear whatever. But the younger one, like me, loves her fashion. Paris has always had small doses with my girls. She will be in for a rude awakening to see how this is a 24-hour job.

But I think she'll be an amazing parent. This is something she's wanted for a while. And if how she treats her pets is any indication how she'll be as a mother, I'm going to say it's going to be pretty fantastic.

I feel so lucky, so blessed. And I love being a mom. You're very tired. It's very full on. There's no breaks. You have to be there. You have to put the time in. And I love it. It is the greatest gift.

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