Nick's dirty trick that you didn't see in the Bachelor finale

It’s safe to say both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman were not expecting Nick Cummins to reject them both in the Bachelor finale.

And the unimpressed ladies have revealed how a moment they shared with the Honey Badger – after Brooke sensationally walked out – made his shocking decision even more confusing.

In a scene that Network Ten chose not to air, the pair reveal that Nick led them to believe he always planned to have them as his final two. Yep, you read that right!

The news comes as a huge surprise seeing as the scene that played out on Wednesday night saw Nick visibly devastated by Brooke’s decision to leave the show – even though he failed to reassure her that he actually had true feelings for her.

Brittany and Sophie reveal what Nick did in an unaired scene Photo: Ten

But it turns out that’s not what Sophie and Brittany saw on the night when Nick came to speak to them following Brooke’s exit.

Speaking on KISS FM today, Sophie said: “There was a scene unfortunately that you weren’t shown which kind of hurts us at the end of the day.

“After Brooke had decided to leave, he did come to speak to both of us individually and he said, ‘This is exactly how I wanted it to be.’

“He looked us in the eyes and said, ‘It was always you that was meant to be coming with me to finale.’”

Brittany then insisted to Kyle and Jackie O that if Nick really wanted Brooke in the finale, he could have made it happen.

“Nick is just like an animal,” she said. “The man cannot be produced, he cannot be controlled. He makes his own rules.

“I guess it comes down to, Brooke’s such a beautiful human, but … if Nick wanted anyone there, Brooke, Cass, any girl, they would be there. And if he didn’t want someone there, they’re not there.”

Jackie O quizzed: “He reassured you that he was always going to let Brooke go at that point?”

“He did,” Brittany replied. “It doesn’t make sense if he wanted her there, he wouldn’t have let her walk out.”

Well, that certainly changes things. It really does seem like Nick didn’t know what he wanted by the end of the show.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what he has to say for himself in his post-finale interview on Sunday night.

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