Nick Lachey Reveals Which “Love Is Blind” Cast Members He'd Want to See on “Perfect Match” Season 3 (Exclusive)

Three 'Love Is Blind' alums came to mind for Lachey when the host was asked by PEOPLE who he'd want to see find their perfect match next

<p>netflix</p> Nick Lachey hosting


Nick Lachey hosting 'Perfect Match'
  • Perfect Match was renewed for a third season at Netflix on June 27, just one week after the shocking season 2 finale aired.

  • Nick Lachey spoke to PEOPLE ahead of the finale about everything that unfolded in season 2 and what he'd like to see moving forward.

  • Here, he reveals which Love Is Blind alums he's rooting for to appear on Perfect Match season 3.

Season 2 of Perfect Match may have just wrapped, but Nick Lachey already knows who he wants to see find love on season 3!

Before the reality series was renewed for a third season at Netflix, Lachey spoke to PEOPLE about his thoughts on the outcome of season 2 — and who he'd like to see appear on the show next.

It's no surprise that Lachey, 50, had a few favorites from his time hosting Love Is Blind and pushed for them to be considered by casting next.

"It's really intriguing because someone like AD [Smith], who her and Clay [Gravesande]'s story was, I think, such a hard one for everyone to stomach," he said of the season 6 couple. "They seemed like they were so perfect for each other and we saw those things not play out ... oh man, I want the best for both of them, honestly. But I think AD is a great candidate for someone to be on the show."

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> AD Smith (left) and Clay Gravesande

Courtesy of Netflix

AD Smith (left) and Clay Gravesande

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Emphasizing that he has "absolutely no clue if they're even casting, so I'm just speculating here," Lachey then singled out another Love Is Blind alum who he'd like to see get a second chance on reality television.

"Cole [Barnett]," Lachey said, referring to the season 3 star who got engaged to Zanab Jaffrey but was dumped at the altar. "I always felt like Cole got a bad deal a little bit. I always felt bad for that guy."

"He really took it in the reunion, really kind of got piled on," he continued of Barnett. "I was like, 'Man, this dude, I'm not sure he's getting the right deal here.' So he's another one I wouldn't mind seeing have a chance on something like Perfect Match."

"But you know what? There's so many people from across the dating universe on Netflix  who are perfect for the show that I'm sure they'll cast it as well," Lachey added. "They have the first two, and we'll see what happens from there."

Zanab Jaffrey Instagram Zanab Jaffrey (left) and Cole Barnett
Zanab Jaffrey Instagram Zanab Jaffrey (left) and Cole Barnett

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On Thursday, June 27, Netflix announced its decision to renew Perfect Match for a third season, just one week after the season 2 finale aired. The news also came shortly after season 2 ranked in the Global Top 10 for TV three weeks after its premiere earlier this month.

In season 2 of Perfect Match, only five couples made it to the finale out of a total of 25 contestants. The duos were: Chris Hahn (Dated and Related) and Tolú Ekundare (The Trust), Alara Taneri (Dated and Related) and Stevan Ditter (Too Hot to Handle), Micah Lussier (Love Is Blind) and Kaz Bishop (Dated and Related), Elys Hutchinson (Too Hot to Handle) and Bryton Constantin (Squid Game: The Challenge), and Christine Obanor (Too Hot to Handle) and Nigel Euro (Too Hot to Handle).

Fan favorites Jessica Vestal (Love Is Blind) and Harry Jowsey (Too Hot to Handle) broke up right before the finale, while the rest of the cast returned to participate in the final vote. Though they weren't paired for long, Christine and Nigel managed to eventually nab the title of the "Perfect Match" for season 2.

<p>netflix</p> Nick Lachey hosting 'Perfect Match'


Nick Lachey hosting 'Perfect Match'

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All of the season 2 couples have since split. Despite that, Lachey tells PEOPLE he believes the connections were real.

"We saw people with genuine connections really, really meshing and making it work," he said. "So yeah, I know there was really genuine chemistry happening across the board on season 2. And while it may not last in terms of a relationship that's long-lasting, those connections were definitely real and were far more than just convenience or friendship. It was definitely more intense this season than even season 1."

"But I think the cornerstone of this show and what's really been the mainstay of this for two seasons now is just a lot of fun. And that starts with a great cast who come willing to have a good time and willing to put themselves out there," he added. "I can only hope for more of the same... I've been very lucky to host two seasons of this show and hopefully many more."

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Seasons 1 and 2 of Perfect Match can be streamed in full on Netflix.

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