Nick Cummins picks no one in bombshell Bachelor finale

Olivia Morris
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After almost two months of dramatic group dates and rose ceremonies, Nick Cummins’ Bachelor journey has come to an end.

Brittany and Sophie were the last two women standing, and in true Honey Badger style, there was a real bombshell to top off a cracker of a season.

The highly-anticipated final episode saw Nick consult his own loved ones before making the big decision – and it was clear to his sister Bernadette, that neither Sophie or Brittany were the right fit.

His family were shocked that Brooke, who took herself out of the running the night before, wasn’t among Nick’s top two, and they weren’t backwards about coming forwards with their thoughts.

“I see both of these girls as right and wrong for Nick,” Bernadette said, “I don’t necessarily see either one as the complete package for him.”

She foreshadowed the shocking result, and when it came down to making his all-important final choice, Nick just simply couldn’t – neither Brittany or Sophie had won the Honey Badger’s heart.

The 30-year-old broke the news to Sophie first, admitting he just couldn’t commit to her at this point in time.

Sophie was left heartbroken. Source: Ten
Nick told her she wasn’t the one for him. Source: Ten

Next came Brittany, who at this point you’d assume was the winner, but nope.

“When I say those three words, I want to really mean it,” Nick told the brunette. “At this point I won’t be entering in any relationships if I can’t give 100% of me.

“Right now I can’t give 100% of me to you.”

Brittany was left heartbroken too. Source: Ten

Retreating to the car brokenhearted, Brittany found out that Nick actually hadn’t picked anyone, and she decided to confront Sophie.

“I have something to tell you – it’s almost laughable,” Brittany told her. “He didn’t pick me either.”

“Are you kidding me?” Sophie said in complete shock.

But rightly so, Brittany labelled it “his loss”.

Onwards and upwards ladies, you can do so much better.

You can do so much better, ladies! Source: Ten

Now that The Bachelor has wrapped up, The Bachelorette starring Ali Oetjen will kick off next week on Channel Ten – but we’re not sure if anything can top that finale.

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